Company Profile

Passion, Technology, Experience and Reliability; with those four words we can describe Digicom’s mission.

A strong know-how, built among several years of day by day innovation in design and production processes, is provided to our customers through a wide range of products.

Digicom addresses different market segments and needs through different Business Units: M2M, Automotive, Gaming and Consumer.

Includes Industrial 2G/3G equipment with specific requiremets; innovative solutions for the Lift applications market; Telemetry devices for GAS and LPG with ‘ATEX Zone 0’ Certification; GSM Voice Gateway for providing Voice and Fax services over Mobile network with a list of succesful case histories with the main international Mobile operators; 2G/3G Modem and Routers for general connectivity applications.

Tailored product lines with a full integration of GSM/GPS and IP technologies specifically developed around your business. Low power consumption, compact design, reliability and cutting edge performances are the common features available in these devices. Security Service Providers and Fleet Management Companies built their success by adopting digicom’s automotive solution platform.

Digicom is the italian market leader in this specific segment. Gateways and security appliances for connecting slot machines to the Governative Agency for income and tax monitoring, based on sophisticated security policies and requirements certified by italian Legal Gaming Agency. Digicom can also offer help, competence and service to gaming machine manufacturers udergoing the certification process.

A selected product portfolio targeting the Home and Small business user, marketed through partnerships with the main Distributors, GDO/GDS, VAR and dealers, among more than 2000 national sales points. Wireless, Wired and Networking products for connecting your home and office, no matter the way you chose.

The transversal sinergy between these business units is the base for building new product generations.

Inside each of the Business units OEM/ODM is a natural extension. Digicom can customize, as well as design a brand new product, for satisfying customer requirements such as technology integrations, target price and time to market. Customized products do represent a consistent percentage of Digicom’s turnover supported by an own modern and flexible manufacturing facility.

We Support you. Our staff has strong technical background and approach, starting from the pre-sales stage up to the after-sales activities.

Made in Europe. Our professional products are completely developed in Digicom’s laboratories and manufactured in Europe. We are flexible, close to you, same thinking, less distant, fast in delivery.

These are just some reasons to choose Digicom as your Technology Partner.


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