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GPRS Bulk SH more info on Pocket Gprs Micromore info on Pocket Gprs Micro

GPRS Bulk Micro more info

8D5607HI - GPRS Bulk SH

  • Quad-Band GSM/GPRS modem
  • Data (CSD & GPRS) and SMS applications
  • Stack TCP/IP on Engine

8D0157QB - GPRS Bulk Micro QB

  • GSM/GPRS serial modem
  • TTL data interface
  • Data and SMS applications
  • Remote management of any serial device

GPRS Bulk Micro 868MHz more info

GPS wireless antenna more info

GSM/ GPRS Bulk Micro 868MHz

  • GSM/GPRS serial modem
  • GPS module on board
  • 868MHz radio bidirectional on board
  • Accelerometer 3D on board
  • Full IP stack on microprocessor

8D5735 - GPS Wireless Antenna 868MHz

  • GPS remote antenna
  • High sensibility chip
  • Battery power supply
  • 868MHz wireless connection


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