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Easy and Flexible!
The most complete range of GSM/GPRS products on the market. Products and solutions easy to integrate in your system and to manage.Pocket GPRS PICO
Maximum compatibility with your applications and value added features make digicom's products among the most versatile of the market.


  • Remote Control
    Among the main applications of M2M segment is the Remote Control.
    PLC and control units in professional environments use our GSM modems for the management of civil and industrial systems. Furthermore, supervision control units, signalling systems (i.e. display) take advantage of the value added features of our products.
  • Energy Management, HVAC System
    The products and solutions for the energy saving make digicom's wireless platforms ideal for the remote control of systems and for data download.
    The management via GSM modem (CSD), SMS or GPRS are the easiest modes to use in this environment.
  • Full-IP feature
    3G and Video Surveillance are the perfect mix. High bandwidth, fault tolerance and stability are the key points of these applications. The industrial devices combine all these technologies in order to guarantee the perfect solution with remote video recorder and IP Cameras.
  • POS applications
    Digicom's GSM products are used with success by the main manufacturer of POS systems (point of sales) and cash registers for the transfer of fiscal and generic data as well as for the remote assistance services.
  • Embedded Solutions & OEM
    All digicom's platforms are available both in standalone and embedded version.
    In particular the use of our "BULK" solutions make our customers very competitive with ready to use and cheap solutions.
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