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GSM controls the LIFT with a considerable cost saving!
Digicom's technologies are widely utilized also in the LIFT sector. In particular the GSM gateways are already used by several manufacturers, distributors and installators of lifts in place of the traditional telephone line (PSTN).2G GSM Gateway Lift Plus
The use of the GSM technology allows a saving on the management costs, by offering products easy to install with value added features.
Digicom's products developed for the LIFT market implemet special functions suitable for the sector applications besides the remote management and configuration.
A range of producs from the simplest versions to the most advanced ones, all IP ready to cover the present and the future needs.
Cutting edge solutions supporting the GSM and UMTS networs with IP data transmission.


  • LIFT GSM Universal Gateway
    Digicom's solutions adapt to most of modern Alarm Systems today installed in the lifts. The "universal" feature makes the installation possible in any lift. These products are used in many European and extraEuropean countries with thousands of installations.
  • Maintenance and Service
    Digicom's lift products range comes to satisfy the needs of the service and maintenance centers. Just the services will generate revenue more and more with respect to the mere sale of the lift. Choosing a Digicom's solution guarantees reliability, easy management and competitive price, due to our long experience in the supply of products for the services companies.
  • Telemetry: the new frontier
    New Telemetry and Remote Control solutions are based on the use of the IP networks, like GPRS, that transfer the information concerning the status of the lift system (cycles number, battery status problems, etc.) in order to safeguard and to reduce the management costs.
    It is also possible an automated and "on-time" management for the detection of faults and problems.
    The use of IP networks allows a considerable reduction of the investment for the service center (i.e. lines and front end) and a central management of the servers.
  • OEM Design
    Digicom's solutions can be used for the carryig out of custom projects according to the specific needs of the various applications and customers.
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