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Born to be rugged!
A complete range of wireless devices dedicated to industrial applications.3G USB DIN
Powerful devices with industrial temperature range and value added features to satisfy all needs.
Modem and Router using the latest GSM/3G engine technology able to guarantee the best performances in any conditions at a convenient price.
All the products are based on specific TCP/IP full support in order to transfer your application over the Internet saving your costs.


  • Remote Access & Control
    The main application is in industrial automation environment.
    The GSM modem can be used to link PLC's, data loggers for data acquisition and Remote Control. The fastest way to manage and control industrial machines, PC andterminals.
  • Solar, Green and Renewable Energy
    Many applications can be performed with the Industrial products in solar and green energy environments.
    The several interfaces available (RS485 or RS232 or LAN) make the industrial products the perfect solution for this kind of application.
  • Video Surveillance
    3G and Video Surveillance are the perfect mix. High bandwidth, fault torelants and stability are the key points of these applications. The industrial devices combine all these technologies in order to guarantee the perfect solution with remote video recorder and IP Cameras.
  • VPN Remote
    3G Router support advanced services like firewall, VPN, VRRP and remote connection through SMS, besides the most popular functions like NAT, DHCP server and DynDNS.
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