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Experience is a warranty
Digicom has been designing and developing for more than 10 years OEM automotive solutions for the satellite tracking, for the fleet management and for the security management.
Our products satisfy the highest Quality standards both for the reliability, robustness and compactness.Vehicle Tracking
The products range offers satellite trackers (Vehicle Tracking family) and management systems (Fleet Management Service).

Vehicle Tracking family
These are satellite trackers (GPS and GLONASS) to be installed on vehicle board and equipped with different functionalities and features to be suitable for three primary categories of vehicles: cars, truck/trailers and motorbikes.
Many can be the configurations and performances of our trackers: the bidirectional communication via GPRS, SMS and DATA, the remote firmware update, inputs and outputs for the interconnection with the vehicle, 3D accelerometer, remote control units and wireless temperature drills, speakerphone feature and eCall management.
A common feature of our trackers is the firmware architecture that is composed by an operating system (OS) and an applicative part independent from the OS to make easier the maintenance interventions and the remote firmware updates.
A project team is available to evaluate the customer's specific requests and to propose the best solution.
The products portfolio is completed by a wide range of accessories especially projected to be used in the most advanced installations.

Fleet Management Service
It is an Application Server developed on Java 6 cloud computer ready. The entire platform can be virtualized with VMWARE.
Application Server represents the management interface towards the remote peripherals and include: the database (Microsoft SQL Server) for the storage activities, the CBM/SMS module for the management of SMS, the RAS and the RADIUS.


  • Standard Services
    Basic assistance service to the fleets, tracking, guide time, vehicles location, etc.
  • Security
    Geofencing service and tracking after the theft.
  • Advanced Services
    CAN data collection, consumption, maintenance management, crash management, powerON/powerOFF statistics, km driven, medium speed.
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